Congratulations to Richard Holtorf on the 2020 CO HD64 election. I am sure Richard will continue to fight for our Conservative Principles.


Tom Olmstead for

Colorado House District 64

The Governments primary role should be to defend its citizens personal freedoms, not to legislate morality, health, personal choices, or to re-distribute wealth in guise of “helping” citizens.                      

The current structure of our State & Federal Governments has become an internally self-perpetual, runaway freight train of legislation that’s sole purpose is to increase it’s control over citizens daily lives, with constant government growth.

It must be stopped. If elected, my sole purpose will be to defend our Citizens personal liberties from the onslaught of regulations, & legislation that grows with every session.

Common Sense. Don’t let the left hijack this term,…they have none. True Common Sense cannot and should not be legislated. We need a return to Personal Responsibility in this country. A return of civility, manners, & repercussions for one’s actions. This is done in the family, neighborhoods, and communities, not by the government.


  1. Goverments Primary Role is to uphold citizens’ personal freedoms. 
  2. A law in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution is invalid, and should not be abided by.
  3. The size of local/state/federal goverment should be kept to an absolute minimum. Providing the very basic services, & leaving the majority to be guided via personal responsibility & a free market. 
  4. Coercion by the use of taxes, fees, & penalties is unconstitutional.
  5. I support free market Capitalism (Not Government Partnered Corporatism).
  6. You are not entitled to the labors of your fellow citizens (this means healthcare & education).  

There is something very wrong in this State/Country. An overwhelming movement toward a Socialist & “Greater Good” philosophy, being perpetrated by our “Free Press” and elected officials is threatening the very backbone of our Country. We are all a bit at fault. The way we treat or neighbors, raise our children, or standby complacent while our core principles are being eroded.

I can only promise, if elected, I will work tirelessly defending our liberties, and will always spit the truth.