Meet Tom Olmstead

Candidate for Colorado House District 64

Tom has called Colorado home for over twenty years. Tom & his wife of 15 years, Jennifer, a Colorado native, have been raising two young sons in the Elizabeth area for the past seven years.

A veteran of the USNR, Tom continued his career in Aviation, graduating from the Westwood College of Aviation Technology in 2001, and working in the Colorado Aerospace community since. Tom has held multiple leadership positions including, Avionics Manager, Aviation General Manager, & is currently supporting general aviation as an Aerospace Engineer.

Throughout his career, Tom became the “problem-solving” expert of the Colorado Aerospace community, building a reputation as a multifaceted professional, leading all aspects, from business development, & sales, to technical & team building. Tom’s no-nonsense, logical approach to leadership has fostered loyal partnerships & solid results in the Aviation field.

Tom, an avid outdoorsman, always looks forward to the annual elk & deer hunts with his brother, Shawn, a 20+ year Master Sergeant of the Colorado State Patrol.

With an affinity for extreme adventure, Tom also enjoys rafting, ziplining, & skydiving. When Tom isn’t spending time with his children, or appreciating the outdoors, he is a fierce advocate in defense of personal freedoms, fighting on behalf of the Second Amendment, & Medical Freedom. Tom is Not a politician, which in todays’ government, with partisan politics, & a lobby-controlled legislature, is probably a good thing. Tom prides himself on speaking the truth, no filters, no political correctness. Utilizing his lifelong leadership & problem-solving skills, Tom can bring together opposing sides for common sense solutions. Though when our core principals & ideals are threatened, Tom will not concede for the sake of political compromise.