If this were 1776 we’d be tossing tea in the ocean, and starting a revolution. Yes, the overall Colonial Tax burden was roughly 2% of income. Today, with city, county, state, & federal sales tax, income tax, property tax, & county/state fees, we are paying upwards of 40% of our gross income in taxes & fees.

Politicians will attempt to validate these constant increases, stating the money is needed for “safety” or the “children”. Do you know how much tax revenue is actually making it to Colorado schools from Amendment 64 (marijuana tax)? About 15%, that’s it.

Government bureaucracy & waste is rampant on every level. We all know it, so why do we stand by and allow it? I will not. If elected, I will stand against any tax increases, and will work to cut government spending at every opportunity.

I will support logical tax incentives for businesses & low income housing development, not burdening citizens, but increasing job growth & helping lower Colorado’s exorbitant housing costs.