I support a basic publicly funded education system, though I do not support any Federally mandated curriculum or Federal funding. Colorado’s public education should be structured & administered at the district level, with minimal oversight from the State.

Why are any of our tax dollars going to “for-profit” Higher Education? College tuition is at an all time high. Does that mean it should be subsidized by your tax dollars? NO. These for-profit institutions are spending millions on administration and have absolutely no motivation to cut costs. Not only are they wasting tax dollars, our society has been conditioned to believe that no one has a chance in the work force without a College degree. Also, Wrong. We need to completely change our concept & approach to higher education. For too long society has held the belief that a successful career starts with a college degree, why not a trade school, or apprenticeship? I personally know a lot more Blue Collar workers making substantially more income than their college educated counterparts. And personally, to me, they are much more meaningful jobs. Plumbers, HVAC, mechanics, ranchers, & electricians, do they get a subsidized education? No. If we change the narrative on “higher-education”, and defund this wasteful enterprise, these institutions will be forced to play by the basic economic rules of supply & demand. The only thing accomplished in funding these wasteful institutions is; they get 4+ years to brainwash our youth with their liberal agenda. Is that what you want?

Speaking of the liberal agenda in higher education, it is now being forced into Colorado Public Schools, and it’s downright disturbing. The mandate of our public-school system is to provide a basic education pertaining to math, science, civics, reading, & writing, Not social engineering. Colorado Democrats rammed through their comprehensive sex ed legislation, demanding that schools teach sexual “experiences” of LGBT, and forbids any emphasis on abstinence, even declaring that saying so in the classroom is against the law. This discussion does Not belong in our public-school system, period. They are our children, let them be children. And when the discussion of sexual preference does occur at a proper age, it is a personal topic for the individual & family….Not the Government or Public School system. They are teaching our kids questionable ethics, conformity not individualism, acceptance of socialism, & weakness as a positive attribute. It Must Stop. I promise, if elected, to fight tirelessly for our children. They are our life, & our future.