Government Overreach

Our Nation was founded on the principle of self-governance. We now have career politicians at both the state & federal levels that perceive the government’s role as a “ruler” of the people. Because of this drastic shift in our principles of governing, our State & Federal governments have become the greatest threat to our citizens freedoms since our Nation’s founding. We are living in dangerous times. State & Federal Governments are mandating every aspect of how we live our lives, from school curriculum, religious freedom, health care, land rights, to how we raise our children. Where does it stop? Can they mandate what food you eat, how you spend your income, what you say? They already are. Via mandates, penalties, taxes, & “incentives”, we are already losing our personal rights on a daily basis.

I am not a career politician, or a politician at all for that matter…. and I believe that’s what we need. I promise to defend our liberties from the onslaught of government over-reach as my primary agenda. I am not “politically correct”, and will not be silenced by the liberal owned media, or bought by special interests.