Immigration should not be a State issue. Unfortunately, with the lack of a coherent Federal Immigration Policy, and zero support from Democrats in enforcing our current laws, it has become one. We are a sovereign Nation with borders & laws protecting our citizens. Colorado democrats current support of sanctuary cities, & legislation granting CO driver licenses to illegal aliens, completely undermine our current laws, pose a threat to our citizens, and is a slap in the face to legal immigrants following the proper immigration procedures.

If elected, I will oppose any legislation that further weakens our immigration policy, and will not support any policies supporting sanctuary cities, driver license issuance, or voter registration for illegal aliens. Yes, our Federal immigration policy is severely broken. I support a secure border, in conjunction with a complete overhaul of our immigration process. There is a large portion of hard working, law abiding, potential legal immigrants attempting to enter this country in hopes of a better life, as most of our ancestors have done, only to fight through government red tape (potentially for years), before becoming citizens. Why? Can we not leverage today’s technology to more accurately & effectively process or deny claims? We can, but until this is implemented on the Federal level, it is up to the States to uphold our current laws. Most Coloradans would agree that we want a streamlined legal immigration policy that embraces those hard-working families looking for the American dream. Not illegal aliens looking to exploit our entitlement programs & have no interest in embracing our culture or following our laws.