Crime & Law Enforcement

I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with several members of Colorado’s Law Enforcement over the last 20 years, candid conversations, and I am privileged to call them friends. We are quick to forget that our men & women in law enforcement are human, have families, their own concerns, and struggles, just like the rest of us. They have chosen an honorable career to protect & serve the public, and contrary to media reporting, most do hold themselves to a higher standard of principles & ethics. The vast majority of our law enforcement members would agree that their time is best served protecting citizens from violent predators and enforcing laws that actually protect our public’s safety. Not enforcement of frivolous statutes in which there are no victims, or worse yet, asked to enforce laws infringing on our citizens freedoms. It is up to us, citizens & legislators, to ensure our statutes reflect the true priorities & safety concerns of our citizens, without infringing on our Liberties. Kudos to the numerous members of State & County Law enforcement that have spoken out against State/Federal mandates that further erode our freedoms.

If elected, I look forward to continuing this fight by your side. Working to reduce the “political-correctness” mandates from the Capitol that have tied the hands of our law enforcement. Working with schools & law enforcement agencies to change the perception of our men & women in uniform, as well as supporting legislation for increased jail time & stricter punishment for violent predators. Reduced sentencing & additional community service options for non-violent criminals.