Medical Freedom 

This is a topic of parental rights, & personal freedom at its most basic level. At almost every session, legislation is being introduced to restrict parental rights and implement vaccination mandates, with no regard for potential side effects, individualized medicine, or personal choice. If elected, I promise not only to oppose these mandates, but to introduce legislation protecting individuals most basic human rights-the right to body autonomy. Legislation protecting this most basic right should not even be needed. Not only are these freedoms already protected under both the U.S. Constitution & Geneva Convention, but should be considered inalienable human rights, regardless of “law”. Unfortunately the pharmaceutical lobby has become one of the largest in the nation, & have spent millions pushing mandates for their liability free products. 

To clarify, I fully understand the immunological mechanism of vaccines, & would agree that most work to provide a limited immunity, but at what cost? And how effective are they? We currently have the sickest generation of children in human history. The state of Mississippi has the highest vaccination rate in the U.S. at 99.7%, though they are also the state with the highest infant mortality rate. Coincidence? The pharmaceutical industry would like you to think so. What most people fail to realize is that we have a liability-free, for profit industry, partnered with the very government entities (CDC) we’ve established to provide oversite of them. 

I am a person of science, and the lack of safety studies & true science behind these potentially mandated products is startling. Is it not prudent to question why our children have such wide-spread health issues?, or why we’ve recently had complete failures of these vaccines resulting in outbreaks in fully vaccinated populations? 

You may choose to vaccinate yourself & your children, or you may not. I fully support your personal freedom to decide. But remember, the basic principle of this topic is personal liberty. You either support the government’s right to forcibly mandate what you put in you & your childrens’ body, or you do not.